How cancer has transformed our medicine from a cure to a killer

Breast cancer has taken its toll on many of us.

Now doctors are working on a new and revolutionary cure for the disease that will bring a new hope to those struggling to live with it.

The disease has taken a huge toll on our medicine.

It has changed our medicine forever.

It is so hard to deal with and it has been so expensive, the NHS says.

So how is this possible?

The answer is simple.

Cancer is becoming so aggressive it is no longer an illness, but a disease of the body.

It is a disease that has become so aggressive that a specialist is working to develop a drug that can stop the progression of the disease.

The drug, called BRAIN-Boost, is being developed by UK drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline.

It has been developed in collaboration with Dr Richard Ayer, a Professor of Neurology at Imperial College London and Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at University College London.

Dr Ayer said: BRAIN was the first cancer treatment that we had to think about from a clinical point of view.

We needed to develop new and different treatments for it and the first drug that we developed was called ALT1B.

This was a protein that was responsible for the body’s immune response to cancer cells.

The ALT proteins were essential for the immune system.

We had found that the ALT protein was not very efficient at protecting the body from cancer cells and so the goal was to make a drug specifically that would block the ALTs.

We wanted to create a drug so that we could stop the cancer from growing.

It was a very long process but in the end we developed BRAINBoost.

We have a very simple idea of what BRAIN is and it is an enzyme called BRAF.

BRAF is the primary protein in the human body.

BRA is a part of the human immune system that is called a “biosensor”.

We know that the immune response is involved in the control of many things.

In particular, it regulates the body temperature and the ability of the blood to clot.

It can also tell the body if there is a problem.

It also regulates the levels of certain chemicals in the body, the levels are affected by environmental factors such as diet and stress.

In cancer, the immune cells are very active.

They try to protect the body by attacking the cancerous cells.

BRAIN plays a key role in this process.

The protein BRAF binds to a specific protein called BRAFF, which is an important part of BRAF’s immune system in the cell.

It binds to BRAFF and then the BRAFF protein, which normally lies between the two proteins, binds to the cancer cells, binding to the cell, and binding to BRAF, which causes the cancer cell to die.

This process is called apoptosis, the body shutting down.

It happens because BRAFF is able to bind to the BRAF protein, it then stops the cell from growing and stopping the body in its tracks.

This is why cancer has such a devastating effect on the body and it can cause death within days.

It takes about two weeks for BRAFF to bind the cancer-causing protein BRAFF so it will be able to prevent the cancer to grow.

It then blocks the cancer and the cancer dies.

This drug is now in clinical trials.

Dr James Smith, the founder of BRAIN, said: There is now evidence that BRAIN works in a range of cancers including lung cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.

We know that BRAF can stop breast cancer in its early stages but the next step is to try and develop a more effective and long-lasting drug that will stop cancer in advanced stages of the cancer.

Dr Smith said: We know this is a new drug that is designed to stop cancer and it will take a lot of work before we can see clinical trials for patients.

The British Cancer Society said: Cancer is a devastating disease and the number of people living with it is growing rapidly.

In the last two years the number who have cancer has risen by more than 10 million people and in Scotland, Scotland and Wales the number is rising at more than three times the national average.

It said: The number of patients in the UK with cancer has increased by almost 1.2 million over the last five years.

The number is expected to rise further by 20,000 this year and the proportion of people with cancer who live longer is expected in the NHS to increase from 11 per cent to 14 per cent.

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