A new kind of breast growth medicine could help people recover faster

Researchers have developed a new type of breast cancer treatment that may speed up recovery from cancer.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed what they call a “growth-in-medicine” drug.

Their drug targets a protein that controls the growth of breast tumors, the study said.

The drug works by inhibiting a protein called p53.

Without p53, cancer cells grow.

The drug also blocks the activity of another protein, called p16a.

The combination of the two causes tumors to grow more quickly, said lead researcher and study co-author Dr. Paul Sauer, a professor of medicine at the university.

The findings could eventually lead to a new class of drugs, called regenerative medicine.

That is, the drugs target the protein that turns off the activity that p53 is supposed to block, Sauer said.

In the new study, Sagers team was able to create a new drug that targets a p53 protein.

It also targeted the activity in the same way, and was able, Sager said.

Researchers believe that they can use the drug to help treat cancers that have gone into remission.

The new drug could also be used to treat other cancers, like melanoma, where the growth is stopped.

Sauer and his team also developed a treatment that targets other growth factors in the body.

They are looking into other types of drugs to target these growth factors, but Sauer expects they could have an impact on breast cancer as well.

In their study, published in the journal Science, Sederberg and his colleagues also found that the drug worked in a mouse model of cancer.

They injected mice with p53 and p16-a protein to see how the drugs affected their cells.

The researchers also injected the mice with a tumor suppressor drug that causes the body to release growth factors that inhibit the growth and activity of cancer cells.

In the tumor suppresser drug, growth stopped.

In contrast, in the drug-treated mice, growth continued, and the tumor was removed.

The next step is to find out whether the drugs work in humans.

Researchers say they hope to start using the drugs in clinical trials next year.

“The research that we’re doing is important because we can now treat cancers in mice and then to find ways to use these drugs in humans,” Sauer told ABC News.

Dr. James Ewing, the director of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Research Institute at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, said that researchers are trying to find drugs that will target the p53-targeting protein and then use it to treat cancer.

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