A pig’s growth medicine can help treat hair loss

A pig is an ideal animal for the growth medicine called ned growth medicine.

The medicine is usually given to pigs to help them recover from their weight loss.

But now researchers have developed a pig that can help the treatment of hair loss.

The researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge have discovered that a pig’s hair grows naturally in the nose.

“The pig is a very natural and very simple animal, but it has some very complex functions,” said Dr Aida Tufekci, lead author of the study.

“What we are doing is looking at how it does what it does, and the pig is doing some amazing things with that.”

Tufetz said the pig was born with a nasal cavity that is the size of a human ear and has a few hair follicles, which can be used to generate hair.

“We were looking at what the pig could do to support its own growth, to help it make its own hair, so we had this really interesting idea that this pig could grow its own ears,” she said.

The pig’s ears were found to grow naturally, but were still small compared to other animals.

“They’re actually quite small,” she explained.

“Our research shows that the pig can grow their own ears.”

Tafesheen Shoaib, a veterinary surgeon and head of the university’s stem cell research, said the pigs nasal cavity was the first time he had seen a pig grow ears.

“This is the first animal that has been shown to grow its ears,” he said.

“It was very exciting.

We’re really looking forward to seeing if it can help people who have a hair loss problem.”

Shoaig added the pig’s nose was also the first to be tested for growth in a human, but that the treatment would be more effective if it was given to other pigs.

“There are many, many, different kinds of pig noses,” he explained.

Tafelat Hedayat, an associate professor of animal science at Imperial, said it was “really exciting to see a pig do something like that”.

“This type of therapy is extremely difficult to do because of the complexity of the pig, its genetics, its anatomy and its physiology,” she added.

“However, our research is looking to see if we can do it for people with hair loss, and we’re very excited to try it.”

In addition to the pig being used for research, the researchers have also tested the treatment on a pig called Tafey.

“I’m just very excited by it, it’s the first pig we’ve ever been able to see that can be grown in the human nose,” Tafeeed told Al Jazeera.

“If we can replicate it in the pig nose, we would be able to have it in people as well.”

Dr Shoaif said they were looking forward and hopeful to testing the treatment in people, but only with a human nose.

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