How to grow your brain in 10 days

You are a brain scientist.

You are doing brain research.

You have some research funding and are wondering how to make some extra money.

Your brain is getting a lot bigger.

So why is your brain shrinking?

This is the question you ask yourself. 

Brain shrinking is not uncommon, but it is a serious issue. 

Scientists are looking at the brain to learn how to improve our health and wellbeing, to treat disorders, to help us live longer, to reduce pain, and to prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

But growing your brain is not easy. 

For the brain, growing is the key.

If you can’t grow your own brain, you are stuck with one of the most powerful and important organs of the human body. 

What do we need to grow our brains? 

There are many things that grow a brain, but they all have one thing in common: they require nutrients. 

So how do we grow our own brain? 

You can grow a large number of neurons in the brain by eating the right foods. 

Here’s how: 1. 

The brain has a certain type of neurons called astrocytes. 

Astrocytes are white, hollow, and tough.

They are made of specialized cells called astroglial cells. 

Astroglia cells are a type of white blood cell. 

Most astroglia cells are white blood cells that help fight infections and other diseases. 

You might also see astroglias in your urine or saliva. 

These are the cells that produce the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and dopamine. 

When these astroglas are broken down, they become ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is used for energy production. 


Your brain has another type of cells called dendrites. 

Dendrites are white dots made up of cells.

They can be seen in your retina. 

There is a lot of research being done on the effect of the retina on learning and memory. 

Studies show that when people learn or remember something, these dendrite cells are stimulated and are more active than normal. 


Microglia are white-brown cells that live in your brain. 

They are important for repairing the damage that is done to your brain when you have a stroke or brain injury. 

Many of the neurons in your hippocampus, the part of your brain that’s responsible for memory and learning, are also affected by microglia. 


Lungs are filled with many types of cells that are able to repair damaged blood vessels. 

If you suffer from a stroke, you may have damaged blood flow to the brain.

If so, the blood vessels are also damaged. 


Some parts of the brain have more oxygen. 

This is known as an oxygen deficit.

If your brain cannot produce enough oxygen, it can suffer from damage and eventually death. 


Certain parts of your body are made up primarily of red blood cells.

The most common type of red cell is hemoglobin. 

Hemoglobin is a molecule that is made up mostly of oxygen.

Hemoglobin also makes up most of your red blood cell count. 


Tissues in your skin have a certain kind of blood vessel called endothelial cells.

These are tiny, white, and capillaries. 

Ethelial cells are the vessels that carry blood to your tissues. 


Sometimes, the growth of new cells requires the destruction of old ones. 

We call this the “anti-aging effect”. 

When new blood vessels get formed, they are called new blood platelets. 


All of the above are examples of what is called a “memory effect”.

When new blood cells get formed in the old, damaged, or damaged tissue, these cells are called memory cells.

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