The future of precision medicine may lie in an augmented reality headset

The future may well be in augmented reality.

It might not be that far off.

And we’re still months away from that reality, but the company that’s building it, iRobot, has a pretty clear plan for what that future might look like.

At the moment, iROBOT is building a robot that’s able to “sense” a person’s movements and then “project” that information onto a 3D display.

This kind of technology is pretty much the holy grail of virtual reality, which makes sense, as the human brain is just one of many sensors that make up our sense of reality.

But what exactly that future robot is going to be able to do is the real question.

It’s a bit of a mystery, since the company has yet to reveal anything about the device’s hardware, but it’s a robot capable of detecting the position of a person in space.

What is the problem?

While there are a lot of robots that can do this, none of them can actually “see” a user.

This is because of the way our eyes work.

When a person walks, our eyes are focused on the path they’re taking and are able to tell when they’ve seen something in the world.

That’s what makes our eyes able to perceive the motion of an object and move it in our field of view.

When the user’s body is in the same position as the camera’s viewfinder, the same principle works for the same reason.

So, to make a virtual reality headset, iRTOBOT will need to be capable of tracking the position and movement of its user, and then translating that information into data that can be used to generate a 3-D image of the user.

The company is hoping to build a VR headset that’s capable of “detecting” a position and move the user in 3-d space.

The technology is based on an algorithm that “learns” the movement of a user, then “generates” a 3d model of that user’s head based on that data.

That data then is fed into a virtual camera that the user is able to point at.

The problem with that is that iROT’s VR headset is already being developed by a company called Metaio, which was founded by a bunch of engineers from iRobotic.

As such, the company doesn’t have a lot to work with to build the headset.

Instead, the idea is to build it from the ground up using software and hardware that iRobotics has developed.

This means that the company will have a head start in creating the headset, but iRobots’ VR headset will also need to work on new software that allows for the 3D reconstruction of a 3rd-person experience.

The technology that the team is building is based off of a software development kit that iRTOT has developed itself.

This kit contains the software that iToscan has been using to create its virtual reality goggles, including a 3DS Max, which is a toolkit for 3D modeling that is used to create 3D models of the human body.

In this case, the software is based around a software called “CAD Toolkit,” which is used for building computer-aided design software for industrial robots.

This software allows the developers of the Oculus Rift to “design and build a virtual 3D model of a human body” and then send it to Metaio for the creation of the VR headset.

When iRobos team built Metaio’s VR software, they took a similar approach to how they developed the Metaio virtual reality headsets, and that approach is the same software used in Metaio.

Metaio used CAD Toolkit to create the Oculus headset, while iRoboses team built the MetaIO virtual reality systems.

While iRobOT is still building its VR headset, it’s also working on a software package that is capable of generating 3D “model” models of a virtual environment for use in VR.

This includes the “GPS” software that Metaio uses to create virtual environments.

This package also includes a software suite called “VR-Oculus”, which uses Metaio technology to create an immersive experience for the user while they are in a 3G-enabled virtual world.

So far, iRs software packages are only compatible with 3G, but that could change over time, as Metaio has indicated it is working on adding support for 4G.

iRos is also working to make VR-Ocular compatible with the Metaimobile, a new kind of VR headset made by Metaio and available in early 2018.

The goal of all this is to create a VR environment that can interact with the user, as well as provide a 3B virtual environment that could allow users to see the environment in a way that they can’t with 3D.

In other words, this will allow users not

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