Why some patients in South Korea get sick from Soma Medicine Growth Medicine

A patient in South Korean capital Seoul was diagnosed with an infection after taking the growth-medicine product called Soma.

The patient, who is now in stable condition, is a patient of Dr. Choi Sun-seok, head of Soma’s South Korea branch.

According to the South Korean Health Ministry, the patient has tested positive for a strain of the bacteria called Streptococcus mutans, and it is likely the infection was caused by Soma-derived growth drugs, according to the ministry.

Dr. Sun-Seok said that Soma is not the only strain of bacteria in Korea.

“We don’t have many strains in the country,” he said.

“Some of the patients have also had similar infections.”

He said Soma patients should be given antibiotics as soon as possible, but stressed that the patient was not receiving antibiotics.

“The patient has no fever, so he should be treated with antibiotics at home,” he told the Associated Press.

“But as soon he is discharged from the hospital, he will be treated at home.”

South Korean doctors say they are confident in their ability to treat the Soma patient, though many of the other patients in Seoul’s hospitals are being treated at hospitals in neighboring China.

The infection comes amid a nationwide wave of cases of Sota-related bloodstream infections, including a cluster in Seoul in which at least 50 people were infected and 11 of them died.

The South Korean government says it is not concerned about the growing outbreak.

South Korean officials have blamed the Sota outbreak on the Chinese government, and the country’s president has ordered an investigation into whether the outbreak was linked to a drug that was used to treat people with the bacterial disease.

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