Which health products are most popular with athletes?

The growing popularity of supplements such as muscle building and stamina growth medicine has fuelled the growth in the sport of endurance running.

But with the popularity of weight training and resistance training growing, some of these supplements are now also being prescribed to athletes looking to boost their performance.

The UK’s top bodybuilding champion, and former World Champion, Michael Johnson, says it’s the right time for a new wave of fitness supplements.

“I think it’s a great time for an athlete to come in,” he told BBC Sport.

“It’s the best time for bodybuilding to come into the market, because it’s really in the health and performance arena.”

The popularity of a particular supplement is based on the amount of weight you lift, how often you lift and how many reps you lift.

It also depends on the type of supplement you’re taking, with muscle building supplements being the most popular in the UK.

“You’re going to be able to take a lot of them,” he said.

“Muscle building supplements tend to be a little bit more expensive than strength and conditioning supplements.”

And if you want to get a bit more bang for your buck, there are also a range of endurance sports supplements that can boost performance.

Johnson’s personal favourite is anabolic steroids, which are derived from a chemical that has anabolic properties.

“A lot of people who are doing these supplements for anabolic steroid use are using the stuff from the anabolic drugs industry, or it’s just going to go into the gym,” he explained.

“The main thing with anabolic supplements is they don’t get you in the gym, so that’s where they’re coming from.”

A look at the top 10 athletes who use a range with different performance enhancing propertiesFind out moreThis is why Johnson has been so keen to introduce anabolic injections to the sport.

“For an athlete like me who’s just been competing for 15 years and has a lot more experience, a lot better bodybuilding experience, I think it is the right way for an athletes to come up and take advantage of the anabolism that’s out there and use it,” he continued.

“We can do a lot to help them achieve their goals.”

A recent study showed that athletes who took anabolic-androgenic steroids were able to lift more weight for two hours per week compared to those who didn’t.

And Johnson is keen to see an increase in the number of people taking supplements like these.

“There are probably thousands of people in the world who are taking anabolic androgenic drugs,” he stated.

“That’s where we have a lot in the way of knowledge and knowledge and understanding.”

To have a whole new generation of people come in, who know how to use anabolic products to get the maximum out of their bodies, that’s a huge opportunity.

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