PHOTOS: The top-performing sex-based cosmetic companies in the US

PHOTOS | AUGUST 27, 2018 | The top 10 sex-related cosmetic companies for 2018, according to market capitalization.In alphabetical order, they are: A.O.D. Cosmetics, Inc. (US) $7,500 B.Diet Cosmetics (US, UK) $4,500 BBN Beauty (US and UK)$3,700 B.L.L Beauty, Inc (US)(US)$2,700 BBN (US; UK)(US)B.O Beauty, LLC (US)-B.L., Inc.(US)(UK)Boys & Girls Cosmetics Company, Inc.(UK)$1,600 CosmeCure Cosmetics

How to use dandelion roots for growth and prevention

With the growing popularity of dandelions, the plant is often referred to as a medicinal herb.Dandelion grows best in the warmer months, when it’s needed for its anti-inflammatory properties.So, when you’re in the colder months and your plant is not producing enough heat to keep you warm, the best time to add dandelons to your

How to Grow Catfish Growth Medicine in Your Yard

A catfish growth-modulating diet and its benefits for breast cancer patients are the focus of a new article published by the Journal of Catfish and Fishery Medicine.It’s the first to focus on catfish for its therapeutic potential.The article, titled “Catfish Growth Diet for Breast Cancer Patients” by Michael J. Schumacher, MD, professor of internal medicine

How to get a good growth-medicine look in your salon

Nutraceutical medicines like Botox and Botox injections are popular for their ease of use and their ability to look younger.But some salon owners are starting to wonder if the same tools are being used to get the look of their salon that they’re used to.According to a report from The Verge, many of these high-growth-medication

FDA approval of homeopathic eye gel for treating cataracts

Axios / USA Today article 2 of 2 Patients get first shot of homeopathy A clinical trial of the injectable homeopathic product has received FDA approval, according to a new report from Axios.Source: Axios CBS News The test, which is designed to treat cataract, will be available to all patients at Naval Medical Center in

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